What to Get the Man Who’s Got Everything?

What to Get the Man Who’s Got Everything?

What to get the man who has everything? This is the conundrum that surely everyone faces at one time or another, as every group of friends or extended family has that guy in it.

The Internet teems with lists of ideas for gifts but for the man who has everything…. That’s a different kettle of fish entirely. For him, you need to a list of men’s gift ideas (read more) that are as truly unique as he is, which is just what we have put together for you’re here.

A Newspaper Subscription

You can never have enough knowledge about the world we live in and the events that shape it every day – even the man who has everything doesn’t actually have all the knowledge. Buying them a newspaper subscription can be a great way to bridge that gap with a unique gift they will never see coming – well, until it’s delivered that is. Go with a subscription for the physical copy of the paper too, even if it’s just the extra big Sunday editions. There is something about the physical act of holding a newspaper, about breathing in the soft ink smells that is just incredibly inviting.

A Charity Donation

If he truly does have everything then take this opportunity to give a little to someone who has a lot less and make a donation to charity in his name. For one thing, if he is a true gentleman then he will definitely appreciate the gesture. For another, this gift is actually a lot more personal than it may appear on the surface. You can use this gift to show that you know more about him than he may realise, by tailoring the charity to match his own personal beliefs. If he’s an animal lover, sponsor an exotic animal, for example.

Buy an Experience

Yes, the man who has everything may well have just about everything he needs (hence his moniker), but one thing you can never have enough of is experiences. There now exists a whole range of really cool experiences that you can buy as gifts. Again, this is a personalised present that allows you to show that you really understand the inner workings and desires of the man who has everything. So, if he has ever wanted to drive a sports car really, really fast then buy him an afternoon at the track.

If he wants a different perspective on the world then buy him a trip in a hot air balloon. If the way to his heart is through his stomach try a chocolate decorating session or a cheese making class – you could even get him lessons with a butcher, if he fancies carving his own steaks!


If all else fails, one can never have enough socks – even the man who has everything probably has a few socks with toe holes stuffed away that could do with replacing.

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