Useful Tips for Traveling With a Bong

Useful Tips for Traveling With a Bong

Smokers tend to be an adventurous bunch, which means lots of traveling. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy.

Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, traveling with a bong can pose some real problems. Of course, one solution is to leave it at home, but that’s no fun! Being able to unwind and soak up the experience means being able to smoke while you’re away from home.

You don’t have to leave that bong behind. Here are some useful, practical tips that will enable you to bring your bong with you on your travels.

Go Small

Traditional bongs can be quite large. They are often breakable too. That can pose problems on an airplane, but it can even make road trips challenging. You wouldn’t be the first to break a bong on a bumpy road!

The best solution is to look into all your herb delivery choices. Browse all the options you have at DopeBoo.

Instead of looking at the large glass bongs, focus on your attention on the smaller pipes. They are much easier to travel with.

You can also take a look at the vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers are perfect for the road because they’re smaller than a traditional bong and they’re a lot less breakable.

Purchase an Unbreakable Travel Bong

If you really like using a bong and the idea of a pipe or vaporizer just doesn’t appeal to you, consider a silicone bong.

It won’t provide the exact same smoking experience, but you don’t have to worry about it breaking. It also has the added benefit of being flexible, which means these types of bongs are much easier to pack in a bag.

There are just as many choices in silicone as there are in glass. There are different products to choose from, and you can find a design that you like. You can even purchase silicone pipes!

Check It

It should go without saying, but some people try and do it anyway, even though they shouldn’t. Don’t try and put your bong in your carry-on. You might get lucky and the TSA agent will let you be on your way, but you might not.

Instead, you should check your bong in your luggage. Just make sure you follow these tips:

  • Don’t check an expensive bong, just in case it gets lost or broken.
  • You can lock your bag, but only if you use a TSA-approved lock.
  • Don’t book a tight connection. It increases your chances of losing your bag.

Make Sure It’s Immaculately Clean

You’re less likely to turn heads if your bong is immaculately clean. That way you can claim it’s brand new, or that it’s used for tobacco smoking. If inspected and they find other residue, you could find yourself in trouble.

Following these tips will make traveling with a bong much easier, but it isn’t a given. If you’re still nervous, consider leaving it at home. Instead, stop by your local head shop and pick up a cheap pipe when you get to your destination and you can skip all the stress!

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