Sway with love on the Rose Day

by Donald Phillips | January 11, 2018 7:03 am

February is period in the whole year when the air resonates with love and romance. The occasion is the Valentine Week which begins on February 7 and ends on February 14. All seven days are designed on some theme. The would-be couples and those in ties think of all conceivable ideas to make the partner feel unique and smashing. Meetings are planned and gifts are picked thoughtfully; the aim is to spend quality time together.

Rose day falls on the 7th of February. Couples look forward to being together. Affectionate emotions run high because you mean everything to each other. Your world revolves round each other. You cannot imagine life without your loved one. The day is perfect to celebrate with roses full of beauty and aroma. The occasion increases the love for each other. The relationship deepens. Rose Day Gifts[1] in most eventuality is rose flowers. Online sites are full of images of different colors of rose bunches and bouquets. These heighten your passion for each other. One has to only scroll through the attractive well-trimmed and put together pictures of the catalog and reach the final selection. There is something for all budgets. Take your time to make the final choice.  Alternatively, you can visit a florist with proper network and place your order for your sweetheart.

Valentine Day Gifts for Wife[2] has many choices. You can make your pick from among the perfumes, chocolates, printed mugs, banners, love cushions etc. All these items are located at single website. There are many such websites which cater to your needs. To attract customers’ website offers free shipping. Make the right choice for your wife so that it reaches her on time. The gift will revive your love for each other and your marriage will bloom like the roses that the gift accompanies. You can pick gifts from gift shops and give your wife personally on rose day.  She will be spellbound. It will make her happy to know you took time out from your busy schedule. Your love for each other will blossom again. Rose can also be exchanged between friends, as well as near and dear family members. Rose day is celebrated world over with joy.

You can along with roses buy chocolates for your loved one. You can get the chocolates customized by choice or by budget. Your partner will expect you come up with the occasion and sweets will delight her. She will feel special and wanted by you. Scribble a personal note which is heartwarming. Enjoy the day of love and romance with little planning.

Many wonder about the origin of Rose Day. If letters of the word rose is rearranged they spell “Eros”. Eros is the God of love. If we study the Greek mythology we will learn that red rose was cherished and treasured by Venus Goddess; she is also a symbol of love. It is no wonder rose stands for persistent love among opposite sexes.

The color of the rose portraits different moods, emotions, and purpose. Red rose stands for love and passion, yellow rose demonstrates and reveal friendship, white rose denotes tranquility and hygiene, pink rose signal gaiety and joy, dark pink rose pinpoints appreciation, and purple rose stands for love at first sight.

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