Philanthoropy Online: How And Why You Should Donate Online More Frequently

Philanthoropy Online: How And Why You Should Donate Online More Frequently

I remember my father writing cheques to a particular NGO that supported differently abled artists. He received a calendar at the beginning of each new year, with bite-sized miniatures of paintings by these artists, along with a thank you that melted his heart enough to repeat his donation, turning it into a yearly ritual. We are a middle class family, charity was a kind of luxury for us that we indulged in one in a while. My father couldn’t afford to give away a large part of his income, and he didn’t believe that the small amount that he could spare would do any good. So he gathered little amounts every month, till it became substantial (according to him) and then donated the full amount at the end of each year. We took a trip to the post office together as he couriered the cheque and came back home. I put in Rs. 10 in this pool of money from the Rs. 100 he gave me each month; his methodological attempt to pass on the tradition of charity like a treasured family legacy, to me.

Except that I couldn’t be bothered to courier cheques or locate the nearest post office (Did they even exist anymore?). And, I couldn’t even spare half of the amount that my father collected each month. I postponed my charity for that indefinite “one day” that I would earn more and thus give more. I feel a lot of people in my generation are waiting for that “one day” to arrive.

The rest have found retribution by donating online on non-profit fundraising websites.

The “Giving” Revolution

Crowdfunding sites have brought in a digital revolution in giving. Essentially used to spearhead business ideas, the crowdfunding model applied to charity has seen not only non-profits but even individuals receiving the help they need instantly. Online giving allows me to donate from anywhere in under 5 mins through a card or a wallet or my bank. It had changed charity from a long walk to the post office to a five-click process on a Friday evening.

And it’s not just the convenience of giving but also its impact that has multiplied. I can sit in India and contribute to the storm relief effort in Puerto Rico, the refugee crisis in Syria, and of course the education of street children in my own city. Crowdfunding in India offers not only a number of causes and nonprofits but also get non-committed donors like me to help out individuals. Last month, I donated to someone’s cancer treatment fund. If not for crowdfunding, I would’ve never found out about this individual.

Crowdfunding also multiplies the value of my rather small donation. Everyone gives little which mountains up to a big amount someone can use. As a donor, I see this mountain build up and receive the satisfaction of having added to it  (There is no shame in contributing small amounts anymore). And I am at peace thinking that I am keeping a family tradition alive, in more innovative ways.

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