Make Sure Your Home Gym Matches Your Goals

Make Sure Your Home Gym Matches Your Goals

Getting a home gym that will keep you satisfied for years to come requires careful thought and planning. This is what will ensure that it meets your goals and exercise style. Here are a few of the factors you should consider:

How Much of an Exercise Buff Are You?

Are you looking to get a workout done in 1/2-1 hour every day or even once a week? Then to you, a home gym most likely should take the form of a contained machine that has the features you need to keep in shape. These units let you do a wide variety of exercises without having to buy separate sets of weights, barbells, benches, and the like.

If you would rather spend hours in the gym every single day and want to wring all possible gains out of a routine others call grueling, you’ll want to have far more than a single machine. In fact, to you, a space isn’t a gym at all unless it has several targeted machines, free weights, and yes – cardio equipment, too. For you, combined exercise units have just one feature that gets your attention: relative affordability.

General Health – or Gains?

To put it a different way, are you into cardio or strength training? Different exercise machines are needed for each one, so make sure you get the kinds that match your style. Most combined machines are built with strength training in mind, whether they use resistance bands, weights, or some combination of the two. They also make it easy to strengthen specific muscle groups.

For cardio, the treadmill reigns supreme – but it is not the only option. If the thought of walking or running on a belt doesn’t thrill you, consider an elliptical trainer or a recumbent exercise bike.

Prior Exercise Experience

People who are new to working out often overestimate their motivation levels. This leads to a comedic staple: the home gym equipment that is being used as a clothing rack.

Since some of this equipment costs thousands of dollars, it’s in your best interest to avoid having this scene play out in your home. Choosing equipment that is not too hard for your current level is key. If you’re new to exercising, pick machines that let you start out with almost no resistance – your body will need time to get used to doing any exercise at all. Make sure, however, that you can increase the difficulty as you improve. Then you won’t have to buy another machine after just a few months of working out.

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