Is It Expensive to Move Abroad?

Is It Expensive to Move Abroad?

We all have dreams of pulling up stakes and moving abroad, you know, really going off on an adventure, and settling down somewhere beautiful, with a stunning quality of life, great scenery, cheaper everything, and not to mention better weather. However, there’s always the big worry that it’s going to be too expensive.

Sure, moving house normally is pretty costly. There’s tons of different fees and elements to pay for, and that’s not even bringing visas and overseas transport into the mix.

You Can Make Savings Elsewhere

There’s plenty of places in the world where it’s entirely possible for a couple to live on $1500 a month very comfortably. This is especially possible in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, and other parts of Asia and South America. If you can get your living costs down that much, then the cost of relocating in the first place shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The Main Costs of Moving

When it comes to finally packing up and going, there are some major costs to consider. Here are some of the key expenses you’re going to have to deal with:

Item Shipping and Moving Company – This is the company that’s going to handle your move, and make sure all your stuff gets there. Make sure you pick the right company, one you can trust to get all your precious possessions there in one piece.

Packaging Costs – You want your things to be totally safe, right? You need to invest in quality packaging materials then. Quality packaging materials are not cheap, but if it’s a long journey, then you want to make sure nothing you’re attached to is going to get broken.

Import Taxes – When you import certain things into certain countries, you need to make sure you pay all the relevant import taxes, otherwise you could find yourself in trouble.

Personal Travel – Plane flights, train tickets, whatever. If you don’t plan ahead and have to buy at the last minute, you’re going to end up spending much more, so make sure you’re clever and don’t spend more than you have to, you don’t need unnecessary costs at this point.

Education Costs – When it comes to getting your kids educated overseas, depending on where you are it can be expensive. It can necessitate private schools and tutors, all of which can set you back a pretty penny. You can offset this with the low overall cost of life though.

Visa Costs – Visa costs can be a little expensive, depending on where you’re going. Mostly, they won’t be too bad, but they’re still a major consideration.

Rental Accommodation – If you’re staying in a property before moving into your final destination, you need to factor the rental costs into your overall move. You don’t want to find yourself short of cash.

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