How to Handle Going Bald

How to Handle Going Bald

 Hair Loss Facts

Hair loss is quite commonly referred to as nature’s cruel joke among men. Approximately 70% of ALL men experience some form of hair loss at some point in their life and around 25% before they reach the 30. Losing hair can be utterly disastrous, especially if experienced at a young age and is often accompanied by depression, anger and denial. Male pattern baldness is responsible for more than 95% of hair loss in men.

Baldness can be approached two ways; you can accept it or fight it! Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages like everything. But you need to choose one side because it’s not a great idea to go back and forth between the two.

Embrace It

Notice how some men still look amazing when bald. They have the right head shape and facial structure to pull it off. A perfectly defined jawline, firm chin and even facial hair should draw the attention away from the bald spots, leaving you with a rugged masculine appearance.

Or Fight It.

Some men just don’t rock a bald head, as well as others, do. But don’t worry there’s something you can do to change the course of baldness. Its best to catch and treat baldness in the early stages, as it is so challenging to regrow lost hair. Thankfully there are plenty of hair loss treatment options such as; Medici Capelli hair loss treatment for men. Medici Capelli in Brisbane and the Gold Coast can solve your hair loss problems with their hair loss treatments, improving your self-esteem and confidence.

Hair Loss Products

Maintenance is another possibility. If you’re lacking sufficient features to rock that bald look, you could also consider preventing it all together. However, before you start consuming powerful drugs like Propecia, try a topical solution like minoxidil.

Minoxidil works wonders when its combined with a form of the DHT blocker that prevents further hair loss. Male pattern baldness is caused by hair follicles that are sensitive to Dihydrotestosterone which shrinks the hair follicle leading to weaker and thinner hair.

Lipogaine is a topical solution that you apply directly to your scalp. Products like Rogaine have the potential to work fine; although, they won’t stop what’s causing your hair loss.

Products containing minoxidil are very effective at regrowing hair and maintaining the regrowth. It does take up to 3 to 6 months until you start to see the results; thus you will need to stick with it. In the first few months, you may experience some shedding. Don’t be alarmed, this means that the product is doing exactly what it should be doing and the hair will gradually become fuller and thicker.

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