How to choose the best ping pong balls

How to choose the best ping pong balls

All ping pong balls are same but they aren’t identical. If you thought buying a ping-pong ball was an easy task, then just rethink. These balls might be small in size but the reality is choosing a ping pong ball, is a task to do. Since the game of table tennis solely depends on the ping-pong of these little balls it is eminent that they be chosen wisely!

Before discussing on the essentials of the best ping pong balls let’s have a glimpse of the standards set by The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). According to the set standards, a ping pong ball must be:

  • White or orange in color and Matt in finish
  • Made of plastic
  • Weigh 2.7 gm
  • 40mm or 40+(up to 40.5 mm) in diameter

When buying a ping pong ball, one must take into consideration, the intended use and price of the ball.  Balls come in two types, seamed and seamless.  Seamed balls are cheaper and also tend to split open under strenuous uses.  These balls are best for beginners and young players who can’t push the ball to its limits.  Seamless balls are amongst the best ping pong balls for established and senior players. The following grades signify their efficiency:

  • Practice balls: As the name suggests these ping pong balls are used for practice or training purposes.
    • One star: These balls are of the lowest grade and price. These are the softest and slowest balls and are ideal for young players. Used at schools and youth clubs for practice these balls are generally white in colour.
    • Two star: These are of medium hardness and suitable for practice by experienced players. These are most suited for multiple balls and robot practice.
    • Three star: Used by serious players a three star ball is the most durable and can stand the rough and tough of any tournament. These are the hardest and approved for the official tournaments by ITTF.
    • Novelty balls. These come in various sizes, color and softness.  The colors of these balls make them the best choice for children and recreational plays.

One must take care to store the balls away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.  Butterfly, Nittaku and Double Fish are some of the brand’s that offer best ping pong balls available in the market today.

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