Best Rental Cars for Trip to Ireland

Best Rental Cars for Trip to Ireland

In order torent a good car for a trip to Ireland, it is necessary to define accurately the purpose for which you need a car. So, you will not need to rent every comfortable car if you are traveling alone on a business trip, but whentraveling with your family on vacation, you have to consider more aspects. After that, you need to determine yourself not only which type of car you want, but also what features. After you havemade your selection in detail, you need to select from a large number of car rentalcompanies and look for the car you want. However, if you are not sure which car will suit you the best; we offer you an overview of 5 different categories and best car rentals for your trip to Ireland.

Economy Cars

This category includes cars such as Nissan Micra, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, etc. Thesecars are recommended for 3 or possibly 4 people (most often children). It is also a very economical choice for both 2 and 1 people. According to thecharacteristics, these cars are very flexible for city driving, they can easilybe parked in different places, they are cheap in fuel consumption, they are nicely designed and can be with a manual or automatic transmission.

These cars have room fora larger suitcase and two hand luggage and are ideal for individual travel orbusiness trips, as well as short trips with family or friends.

Intermediate Cars

This is acategory of cars that include Hyundai i40, Renault Fluence, Opel Insignia, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Avensis, Volkswagen Jetta, etc. These are carsthat are made for a comfortable ride of 4 adults. Such models are known aspopular models, because they have a nice design, but also provide a comfortablespace for longer family travels and trips with friends. They are also veryversatile and robust for scientific drive around the Iveragh Peninsula along the Ring of Kerry, but are also great for urbandriving because they have low fuel consumption.

These cars can be with a manual orautomatic transmission. They have space for two large suitcases and two handluggage and therefore they are recommended for longer family trips, longertrips with friends or longer trips with business colleagues. They can also bequite functional for moving small things from one location to another.

Station Wagon

For thiscategory, the most commonly offered cars are Ford Focus Estate, Renault Megane Estate, Hyundai i40 Estate, Seat Leon Estate, etc. These are cars with 4 doors thathave all characteristics for comfortable accommodation of 5 adults. They are extremely spacious, so they have space for carrying 3 large suitcases and 3hand luggage. Mostly we offer cars with a manual transmission. Due to their veryspacious accommodation, it is recommended for longer business trips, familytrips, but also longer trips with friends. They are recommended for traveling byregional and international routes.They are also great for moving, but they arevery often used for sports equipment transfers.

7-SeaterPeople Carrier

This automotive group includes cars such as Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Touran, OpelZafira, Ford Galaxy, Nissan Qashqai,Toyota Verso, etc. According to variousreviews, these cars are most popular for rent in Ireland because they provide aspecial feeling of comfort. These cars are designed with 4 doors and allowcomfortable accommodation for 7 passengers, most of which are 5 adults and 2children. We offer models with the manual and automatic transmission. According tothe space offered, they have the possibility of storing 3 large suitcases and 2handbags.Thesecars are recommended for renting large groups of friends, business partners,large families or smaller groups of athletes.


This is a category of cars that includes the models ofVolkswagen Caravelle, Opel Vivaro, Mercedes Vito Traveliner,Renault Trafic, Toyota Minibus, etc. They are designed to accommodate 9 passengers and a driver, giving this category of the car the highestdegree of comfort when driving. These cars can be with a manual or automatictransmission. They offer the possibility of storing 5 large suitcases and 2 hand luggage. Bearing in mind that it offers a plenty of space, it is recommended to accommodate largersports, business, friends or family groups.

After we have offered you the best cars, it isimportant to note that in Ireland, the rules apply for renting, which stronglyurge you to have at least 21 years and a permit for at least 2 years. It isespecially specific that young drivers are charged Young Driver Fee in the valueof €8 – 22 per day. In addition, the highest age limit for rent is 70 years. It is alsoimportant to know that foreign drivers must provide an international driver’slicense in Ireland.

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