All you need to know about forklift extensions  

by Donald Phillips | January 11, 2018 10:29 am

To suit your personal needs and preferences, forklifts are designed to be adjustable depending on the orientation, sizes and the weights of the loads you intend to lift. The adjustment that is the commonest of all is the addition of extensions on the forklift tynes for better handling of materials. The execution of this modification is quite simple as you are only required to slide the desired extensions over the existing slippers. However, the loading of the prongs ought to be done according to the particular specifications of the extensions. We offer classes to educate on the maximum permissible loads for different tine dimensions for our clients. This way, we ensure that you know better than to make mistakes such as loading with the load cog beyond the midpoint of your prongs. Forklift extensions[1] come in all shapes and sizes for handling of different loads. Situations that may need adjustments include;

Despite the convenience brought about by these adjustments, keen consideration must be applied to their selection, application and maintenance. Contract us for expert advice, installation and maintenance services of the same. Below are some of the reasons why we are your best option when it comes to anything concerning forklift extension.

Feel free to visit or call our offices for advice on such extension services.

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