A reliable gift that enriches your daily lives

A reliable gift that enriches your daily lives

China is a heritage country in itself. As the most prominent civilization in the history, Chinese people totally depended on agriculture for their living. To ascertain consistent harvest these people depended on the lunar movements that were inherent sources of perfect calculations. Invented by Yellow emperor the traditional agricultural calendar constituted of calculations based on Solar-Lunar calendar. Encompassing observations from the movements of sun and moon this calendar also was a reliable resource of meteorological and geographical information. The perfection in this calendar is till date followed in the many Chinese almanacs across the globe.

How is Daper almanac different:

Using the same technology of accuracy, Daper presents a fine Chinese almanac that flawlessly augments your daily lives with precision. Written in English the Chinese almanac from our house is a wonderful milieu of style and conventions. The Daper Chinese Almanac is a combination of age-old wisdom with the modern way of life. A perfect and reliable source of Chinese calculations and Gregorian calendar this tear-off almanac is an attribute for your daily lives. Moreover, as the entire text in the almanac is translated by the arduous translators in English from Chinese, it offers great convenience in understanding.

East meets west:

A perfect display of trends and conventions the Daper Chinese almanac embarks every movement in the solar system on your desk. Chinese almanac calculations cannot be understood by everyone but due to its accurate calculations, the almanac is equally essential. The Daper calendar faultlessly merges East with the west in its on-the-desk calendar.

Smart and civil both Daper Chinese almanac is an elegant add-on for your desks and homes both. A daily tear off calendar this graceful schedule planner proves a wonderful source for your forthcoming schedules.  As the roots of Daper calendars lie in the Chinese almanac, it boast of 13 crucial information like month, year, weekdays, phase of moon, lunar calendar date, do’s and don’ts for the day, adjoining solar phase, zodiac sign of the day, rival zodiac sign of the day, propitious hours of the day, quotes of information and most importantly a blank space to pen down essential plans and meetings.

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