6 Useful Apps to Help You be More Productive

6 Useful Apps to Help You be More Productive

Our life is full of distractions and technology can sometimes be our worst enemy. There are, however, many apps that we can use to our advantage that are specially designed to help us be more productive, leaving us more time to look after ourselves.  The following apps have been selected based on user reviews, quality and how user-friendly they are.  

Strides – To be able to achieve our goals we have to be productive, therefore it is necessary to have healthy habits that could lead us to success.  Strides is a motivational app that lets you track your objectives and habits all in one place. It lets you record habits and keep track of them.

The app has different tracker systems because people normally have more than one goal. You set your goals, record data daily, and at the end of the week, you can see a graph that shows you if you achieved your objective. Habits are about repetition so the more we keep track of our behaviors; we have more chance to succeed in forming our new good habit.

Forest – The Forest app gives you a visual approach to staying on task. It is based on the Pomodoro technique that believes that the best way to complete tasks is to break down the work in 25-minute intervals, meaning that you stay on task for 25 and then take a break, work for 25 and then take a break, and so forth.

When you want to start working on a task, you set the timer (25 minutes if you want to stick to the Pomodoro technique), plant a tree, and if you don’t touch your phone or close the Forest app during the set time, your tree grows. By the end of the day, you should have a forest if you stayed on task.

Hours – Do you ever wonder where the day has gone and what you have done with your time? Or are you constantly turning down invitations because you don’t have time? The Hours app could help you find out what you do with your time and possibly find a way to make some.

Hours is a time tracking app that will track the amount of time spent on tasks versus time spent on distractions. You will receive a report at the end of the week with details of how you spent your time. By knowing what you do with your time, you can find out where the problem is. If you are spending too much time checking emails, for example, you may need to separate your business emails with your personal emails.

Calm – Meditation has been around for centuries. It is believed that it helps maintain a healthy mind and body. What better way to make sure that you stay focused and productive than having a clear mind? The Calm app is a great way to fit in some relaxation and meditation into your hectic life.

The app has various guided meditation experiences to choose from ranging from 3 minutes to 25-minute sessions. You can also select the Daily Calm program which prompts you to meditate at the beginning or at the end of the day. You will also have access to breathing exercises and soothing music.

Blinkist: The Blinkist app is perfect for students or when you have to do research. The Blinkist team basically gets a nonfiction book, reads it, summarizes its main points, and explains it in simple terms. You could listen to it while you are driving, cooking or doing your daily workout.

The free version lets you listen to the book of the day only, while the plus version ($49.99/year) gives you access to their entire library – no audio, and the premium version ($79.99/year) gives you full access with audio plus added features.

Evernote – What happens when you stumble upon a great YouTube video or interesting article like “ACN Scam” that will help you with a business solution, right in the middle of a meeting or important task? You’ll probably get distracted and stop paying attention to what you are doing. Well then, it looks like you need an efficient note-taking and syncing app that will let you record important things to look at later; the Evernote app does just that.

With Evernote, you can capture, organize and share your notes wherever you are, with whomever you choose. You can add links, tables, attachments, and so much more. It is a great way to write down any great ideas that get no matter where you are and you can sync all of your information with your computer, smartphone or network.

Maintaining our productivity levels is tough, but the great news is that there is help out there. Use apps to your advantage and stay focused – you’ll be surprised by how much your productivity goes up!

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