4 Important Advantages of Borescopes

4 Important Advantages of Borescopes

Borescopes are optical devices, which are used to inspect places that cannot be seen through bare eyes. This device is used to magnify the internal image. It features a flexible tube with an optical lens at one end and an eyepiece on the other end. Both the optical lens and eyepiece are linked together via an optical system.

Such devices are used not only in industries, but also in medical field where they are referred to as endoscopes. Borescope finds a wide range of applications in aircraft engines, gas and steam turbines, automobiles and more.

There are different types of borescopes such as flexible borescopes, rigid borescopes, and video borescopes. The advantages and disadvantages of borescopes depend upon its type. Read on to find out what the advantages of borescopes are

Free Movement

Flexible borescopes have the ability to move freely in any direction. Armed with relay system technology, they can be bent flexibly to examine small cavities. With the help of these devices, you can magnify cavities. Specialized borescopes can be tilted up to 360 degrees. It can magnify the image without any error. Borescopes do not bother about the shape of the cavity. It magnifies the image exactly even in its complicated shape. The viewer can inspect even distant places very accurately.

High Image Quality

Borescopes have impressive image quality. They use a host of technologies to produce high-quality images. They are integrated with CMOS cameras with optic illumination technology, which provide infinite light. This technology is completely different from that of LED lights and allows viewers to capture images of high quality even in dark light. This particular technology is used in video borescope.

Flexible and Economical

Borescopes are flexible and economical. They can be adapted according to different places without any restriction. The cost is also affordable, though it differs from one type to other. Sometimes, different types of borescopes can be combined together to gain more.

Water Repellent

Borescopes are highly water repellent. Hence, these are suitable for examining minerals and synthetic lubricants. This water-resistant feature is also useful for investigating particles inside kerosene, diesel, or gasoline.

With these many advantages, borescopes are no doubt a very useful tool that finds applications in vast number of industrial applications.

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