10 Signs that Valentine’s Day is Near

10 Signs that Valentine’s Day is Near

Catching the sight of heart-shaped red figures all over wherever you go, and witnessing couples embracing each other as they walk holding hands is something that one cannot simply miss. So you may wonder, why exactly is this scene playing over and over in your vision? The answer is probably evident to you, but the thing is, saying it outright would probably ruin the whole experience, so let us the 10 clues pointing to it.

  • Seeing too much of the colors pink and red all around

Pink and red are considered to be the colors of love. So you can almost be certain that this is hint enough.

  • Chocolaty treats being shared

Sure, it is probably a common thing to see couples sweeting each other’s palate with chocolates, but what’s the occasion to warranty this excessive occurrence?

  • Love and romance themed tunes chiming all around

Love songs playing whenever you walk down the streets must be a common thing. But can you figure why it is played so frequently these days?

  • Numerous the heart printed cards

The heart is the very symbol of love and cherishing. So isn’t it odd that you often catch sight of this on a card these days?

  • Heart-shaped flower decorations outside your door

Flowers may be one of most splendid aspects of nature. But imagine flowers arranged like a heart and placed at your doorstep. Why and who?

  • Sight of explicit messages and wishes being exchanged

Hearing messages of love being exchanged between lovers is not so uncommon. But when you hear them this often, you know it is some special day. But which one is it?  

  • Couples embracing each other in the streets

It is indeed normal for couples in love to embrace each other and profess their love publicly. But in and around this time, you may be encountering them a bit more often than normal.

  • Slices and chunks of designer cakes (probably heart-shaped) everywhere

Cakes can be baked in almost every shape imaginable. But why so many heart-shaped ones surfacing?

  • Posters depicting couples in love plastered everywhere

Images of couples in love with each other always bring about that warm feeling inside you. Which is why, seeing a great number of them is both puzzling and delightful in equal measure, is it not?

  • Restaurants and cafés crowded with couples dating

You may be tempted to eat out. But then you find that all of them are packed full, and with couples in love nonetheless. Isn’t that perplexing?

Alright, since you probably have figured it out from the moment you started reading this piece, the answer is – Valentine’s Day. Time to dip in and buy some special valentine day gifts (do it online to save time), and celebrate this special day with your beloved. Proposing to him or her is also an excellent idea and truly fitting for this day. The possibilities are endless!

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